Shri Arihant Cooperative Credit Society Ltd Borgaon (Multi-State)

REG NO : MSCS/CR/1414/2023

Financial Statement As On 31/03/2024

  • No. of Total Members - 13974
  • Share Capital - Rs. 5,78,20,600
  • Deposits - Rs. 1202,23,79,286
  • Own Funds - Rs. 79,70,31,316
  • Investments - Rs. 216,36,84,521
  • Loans - Rs. 998,09,78,588
  • Working Capital - Rs. 1287,72,31,202
  • Turn Over As On Rs. 7187 crore
  • Net Profit As On Rs. 11,00,05,242
  • Recovery - 96 %
  • Own Buildings - 18
  • No. of Branches - 1+57


The Society had just 870 members, with a share capital of 4.35 lakhs. It could collect 5.45 lakhs as deposits and advanced 8.45 lakhs as loans and the profit was just Rs. 27,216. Actual functioning started on 24-9-1990 in a rented building, which belonged to Shri R.A. Kumble. Board of directors and the staff left no stone unturned for the development of the society which was later renamed (in 2002) as "Shri Arihant Credit SouhardSahakari, Ltd. Borgaon." Sahakari has made tremendous progress in a short time. Dada's intention was to build such a bank building, that people from cities should come to see. And yes! the Sahakari has built a big, spacious, attractive and well furnished building and moved into it on 21-08-2002. The building is a model for other co-operatives.

Shri. Raosaheb A. Patil

Shri. Raosaheb A. Patil